2018 Black Friday Mattress Deals Shopping Guide
2015 Black Friday Mattress Sales

2018 Black Friday Mattress Deals Shopping Guide

2018 Black Friday Mattress Deals

If you are in need of a new bed or mattress, this year’s Black Friday mattress deals can offer significant savings. But knowing what to look for is important. This sales guide is here to help you through the confusion and onto a comfy mattress at a great price.

Many retailers will be offering promotions, but not every offer is a good deal. You should be ready to do some figuring on your feet and maybe even take some notes. It is also wise to go in with a game plan and not to compromise on comfort just to save. In this guide, we will offer a few tips and helpful Black Friday mattress shopping strategies to help readers sleep better for years to come.

For specific Black Friday mattress deals, here is our comprehensive guide for 2018! There we highlight some of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress offers available this year. Our #1 recommendation for best overall deal is $200 off the Amerisleep AS3 with code BF200, and you can read the full guide to see why.

The promotions will be coming out soon, so check here to see what’s been updated so you don’t miss out on the super deals this season!

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Black Friday Mattress Sale Shopping Guide

Knowing when to look, what to look for, how to shop and what questions to ask can make all the difference when it comes to buying a new bed in general, but prove especially helpful when Black Friday mattress shopping.

Keep these tips in mind to score a good deal that will make your wallet and your back happy. If you need to, bookmark this page and refer back at your leisure.

Don’t Wait Until Black Friday to Research

research black friday mattress dealsIf you are planning on a buying a new bed during 2018 Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, start deciding what brand or at least what type of bed you prefer now.

You don’t have to commit to buy yet, just get a good idea of what is out there and which type of mattresses will meet your preferences. If you know for sure you want a latex or memory foam mattress, for example, it will make it considerably easier to filter deals and focus on relevant sales.

If you aren’t sure which type of bed is right for you, do some research online, compare pros and cons, read mattress reviews and take some test-drives. Some mattress retailers have return policies that allow customers to try the mattress for weeks or months in their own homes. These trial periods will give you a better feel for the mattress than a few minutes in a showroom.

Start Shopping Early

One of the best ways to have a less stressful Black Friday mattress shopping experience and to come away with a good deal is to start scouting out savings early. Good places to find these promotions include ad scan sites like this one, BlackFriday.info, newspapers, coupon websites, retailer newsletters, and other deal-focused blogs and websites.

Many retailers will begin posting their ads up to 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, or at least in the week leading up to Black Friday. Once you’ve narrowed down the brands or type of bed you are focusing on it, it is easier to scan ads for matches.

Make an ongoing list of stores, beds and prices that interest you for easy comparison as Black Friday nears so you aren’t rushed and pressured at the last minute.

Shop Around In-Store & Online

shopping early black friday dealsAs when shopping for any item, it is always wise to contrast a variety of options to see how retailers compare on price and quality. When shopping for Black Friday deals on mattresses, the same holds true.

See what your local retailers and department stores are offering, but don’t forget to compare their deals to online retailers as well. Key things to contrast include pricing, detailed mattress specifications (like coil count, foam density, or latex type depending on what you are looking for), warranty and return guarantees, shipping and delivery, included items, and owner reviews.

Keep in mind that online brands face stiffer competition, and thus may have better Black Friday mattress deals to attract shoppers.

Ask These Key Questions

  • What are the specifications of the mattress materials?
    • For Innersprings: coil count, coil type, density of foam layers, thickness of each layer, padding type, ticking fabric, fire protection method, depth of sagging before warranty kicks in
    • For Memory Foam: memory foam density, core foam density, thickness and material of each layer, memory foam type, fire protection method, cover material, depth of impressions before warranty kicks in
    • For Latex: latex composition (natural or synthetic blend), latex type (talalay or dunlop), material of any other layers, fire protection method, cover material, depth of impressions before warranty kicks in
    • For Adjustable Bases: motor type, control type, features (massage, zero gravity etc), battery backup, weight capacity, wall hugging design, mechanical/electronic warranty coverage
  • How long will this bed be on sale, and what are the terms of the sale?
  • Is delivery included? If not how much is it?
  • How long do I have to return the mattress? Are there any fees or restrictions?
  • What is the full coverage warranty period?
  • Where can I read real reviews for this mattress?
  • Is this a promotional model? (Sometimes brands put out cheap, lower-quality doorbuster deals just to get people’s attention.)

Don’t Forget Cyber Monday Mattress Sales

If you have too many gifts to buy to deal with mattress shopping on Black Friday, many retailers do extend home goods purchases throughout the weekend. If you see a deal you like, check to see the offer’s expiration date and whether or not quantities are limited. Online retailers also offer special deals on Cyber Monday that you can shop at your leisure after the busy weekend.

Cyber monday mattress deals may be better than Black Friday sales from some retailers. These sales tend to be highly advertised, so you’ll be able to scope out most of them before they are available. Keep your eyes peeled

Black Friday Mattress Shopping Without Stress

black friday mattress dealsKeep in mind these tips for shopping and you should come away with a good deal and mattress more likely to make you happy. Don’t go into mattress shopping blind, as there are many different levels of quality and value, and feeling pressured or rushed can result in buyer’s remorse (which affects up to 40% of shoppers according to Consumer Reports!).

Do some research beforehand, narrow your focus, compare a variety of deals, don’t forget to ask about the basics, and you can sleep easy with Black Friday Mattress deals in 2018.

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