Black Friday Mattress Deals and Cyber Monday Mattress Deals 2019
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Best-Rated 2019 Black Friday Mattress Deals

Sifting through the dozens and dozens of Black Friday mattress sales can be a bit time consuming, especially if you have other items to shop for this holiday season. Many different types of mattresses from major retailers like Serta, Sealy, Mattress Firm, Amerisleep and many more will be offered at rock bottom prices. There are so many deals, it can be overwhelming!

In an effort to make your Black Friday bargain hunting a little easier this year, we will be ranking and comparing the best-rated mattresses on sale during Thanksgiving weekend. That includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Our mattress picks are based on owner reviews, mattress specifications, warranties and overall value.

Take a look at our 2019 Black Friday Mattress Sale listings!

Top-Rated Black Friday Mattress Deals in 2019

The only thing better than getting a great deal on a new mattress this Black Friday is bringing home a bed that will provide comfortable sleep and wake up refreshed for years to come. But, not every deal you see during the holiday weekend will be a good one!

Even though the pressure is on during big holiday events, buying a new bed is one thing you don’t necessarily want to rush or go into blind. While nearly any new mattress will likely improve your sleep for a while, a quality mattress will do much more for longer.

Getting a great deal shouldn't be hard with the right researchIt’s smart to check the materials and specifications to make sure the bed offers durability, and also compare the bed’s value to others. Reviews are another helpful source of information, as are guarantees like warranties and return policies. Be sure to look into the fine print of these policies as not all are the same.

We will be researching 2019 Black Friday mattress sales from the leading department stores, mattress shops, and online retailers to see which ones offer the best in terms of overall value and potential satisfaction.

Mattresses are grouped by category and compared in detail below. Here’s the checklist of criteria we use to evaluate the deals:

  1. What is inside the mattress (foam densities, material compositions, coil count/type, layer breakdowns, etc)? Is the manufacturer or retailer open about specifications?
  2. How does the bed’s quality compare to others in the price range?
  3. Does this mattress have a reputation, or is it a limited-time/promotional mattress?
  4. What do reviewers say about comfort, price, service, and durability?
  5. How do ratings compare to other similar beds and industry averages?
  6. How long is the bed under warranty and what is covered?
  7. What are the return terms?
  8. How great is the deal compared to normal pricing?

Best Black Friday Memory Foam Mattress Deals

Memory foam mattresses are very popular and very affordable. Here we’ll be showing offers from major retailers like Serta, Macy’s Tempurpedic, Mattress Firm, Sears and more as they are published. These are likely the best memory foam mattress deals of the season, possibly the year.

Most memory foam mattress deals are on premium name brands in the luxury range, around $1000 to $5000, during Black Friday sales. There are usually a few discount, door-buster type deals as well on cheaper beds. Keep in mind, durability can be an issue with cheaper memory foam mattresses.

The best memory foam mattress Black Friday sale we’ve seen is from Amerisleep. They’re offering $200 off all of their mattresses — any size, any model! — using code BF200.

Amerisleep has some of the best deals during this holiday

You can pick from their five degrees of comfort, from soft to firm, and every mattress contains the most relaxing, sleep-enhancing materials that you expect from a brand like Amerisleep. After all, getting a mattress that matches your body type and sleep style is one of the most important things you can do to sleep your best — something those other “one-size-fits-all” online bed brands don’t get. It’s even been proven in studies

Here are just a few of the things we love about Amerisleep’s mattresses.

First, every single Amerisleep mattress uses a cover that contains Celliant. The FDA has determined that this high-tech fabric promotes increased comfort and more restful sleep1. It safely converts body heat into infrared energy, which temporarily increases local blood flow. This can help your body recover faster, so you wake up feeling more refreshed.

Studies have also shown that users sleeping on a mattress with Celliant fell asleep 15 minutes faster on average. That adds up to nearly two extra hours of sleep per week!

Amerisleep also uses their proprietary BioPur memory foam in every mattress. It’s five times more breathable than traditional foam, so you stay cool and comfortable all night. It’s also 10 times more responsive, meaning it bounces back to its original shape in just a few seconds. Compared to traditional memory foam, which can take half a minute or more to regain its original shape, Amerisleep’s responsive BioPur foam means you won’t feel stuck as you move around at night.

Best Black Friday Mattress Sale LayersAnother great Amerisleep innovation is their HIVE® (Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation and Energy). They use it in every bed except their most-firm model, where it would actually make the mattress softer than they want it to be.

Amerisleep’s transition layer with HIVE® contains hundreds of six-sided foam supports grouped into five targeted comfort zones. Where you need more cushion, like the shoulders and hips, the foam hexagons are further apart. That gives them extra room to expand, so the mattress can cradle you and alleviate even more pressure on those sensitive spots. And where you need more support, like the neck and lower back, the foam hexagons are closer together. That way they cannot expand as much, and the mattress stays firmer in those zones.

Studies of Amerisleep’s HIVE® technology discovered it reduces pressure points up to 49%.

Finally, memory foam mattresses as a category get higher satisfaction scores than any other type of bed, averaging 80% compared to just 60% for innerspring models. But Amerisleep takes it to another level. Over 99% of their users rate them three or more stars across nearly 10,000 third-party-verified reviews!

With satisfaction like that, we had no choice but to pick Amerisleep as our best overall mattress — not just in memory foam, but for any kind of mattress. So head to and claim your $200 discount for Black Friday using promo code BF200.

To see our complete list of 2019 Black Friday deals on memory foam mattresses, we’ll be updating and comparing them here as new offers come out.

Best Black Friday Innerspring Mattress Deals

Our detailed comparison of the top five Black Friday deals on innerspring mattresses looked at the top offers from major retailers like Serta, Sealy, Simmons, Macy’s, Sears, Mattress Firm and more, with detailed information on coil count, layers, reviews and more.

There are many innerspring mattress deals released during Black Friday ranging from cheap doorbusters to deals on high-end lines. Most stores have 1-2 ultra cheap beds, but these often are not the best value for long-term use. If your mattress won’t be used much, say because you travel for work most of the time, then you may be able to get away with a cheaper mattress.

The best deal we found for innerspring beds is actually a hybrid mattress by Serta, the iComfort Hybrid Expertise Super Pillowtop. We found it on sale for $1,999 on Serta’s site.

cyber monday mattress dealsWhile we still think a 100% foam bed is the best option for most people, if for some reason you’re not comfortable with that, then a hybrid mattress like the iComfort Hybrid Expertise Super Pillowtop is your next-best choice.

The base of this mattress contains over 1,000 pocketed coils, which provide good support and motion isolation. Then Serta puts a layer of memory foam on top to provide some of its benefits — like reduced pressure points and more even support.

To see our complete list of 2019 Black Friday deals on innerspring mattresses, we’ll be updating and comparing them here as new offers come out.

Get the Best Black Friday Mattress Deals

From inexpensive to luxury, there are plenty of great options to sleep on this season and the prices are tough to beat. This is the best time to be mattress shopping.

Your sleep is important, so take a little time to compare what’s out there and determine what you want in a new mattress. Identify your top “wants” and concerns, and chat with your partner so you know what to look for.

Get familiar with terms like foam density and coil count so you’ll know what to compare and be prepared to spot the best deals. Don’t forget to look at the terms of the deal and at the bed’s guarantees, too, so there’s no surprises later.

Have any mattress shopping questions or tips? Drop us a line below.

1 The FDA has determined that Celliant® products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products. Celliant® is determined by the FDA to temporarily promote increased local blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals. Hologenix, LLC, the maker of Celliant®, states that Celliant® safely converts body heat to infrared energy. This energy penetrates into the muscle and tissue to promote a temporary increase in local blood flow and helps increase comfort and promotes restful sleep.

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